Priss (pr1ss) wrote,

I'd also like a flying carpet

-- My reaction to a post by yak_boy --

I didn't find your responses to that post to be inflammatory, he could have easily responded by saying he doesn't agree with you. That said, posters vary as to how much debate or even mudslinging they are willing to tolerate on their comments pages. Freezing or screening, (or not responding to) a thread seems OK to me if the entry's purpose was to express an opinion rather than to spark debate.

Cryonic preservation has all of the moral problems that you mentioned, but individual philosophies vary, so I can tolerate that some people will favor it. I find your turning off the switch problem especially relevant. It reminds me of how the ancient Egyptian tombs have been robbed. Later generations with slightly different cultures have no incentive to respect someone's bid for immortality.

There are other practical problems with it. So far the science doesn't work at all. While we can sometimes restart a heartbeat after minutes or hours, generally we can't. Adding in the fact that to avoid murder charges for the practitioners, the subjects have to be legally dead before they get infused with antifreeze makes me feel confident in saying:

All of the cryogenically preserved preserved people who exist today are unrevivable. In other words: they are dead. This makes it just another funeral custom, no better or worse than pyramids or pine boxes.

The popsicle process holds attraction those who have grown out of a child's confidence in personal immunity to death, but haven't yet calmly accepted their own mortality. I can understand its appeal.

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