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Tomato Story [Jun. 7th, 2016|12:36 pm]
When I was around six years old, Mom learned how to can produce. She got a pressure cooker, and those one-pint jars with the two-part lids, and she got the pickling seasoning which said on the label, "crab boil". Since we never ate crabs, even having the mention of them was a disturbing element to have in the kitchen. There was only one food from the garden that ever went into the jars: green cherry tomatoes. Fully ripe tomatoes don't can well, but the tart, firm, underripe ones make an amazing pickle.

The reason that we had a bumper crop, was that the dirt came pre-seeded.

The photo below is from my sister's facebook page. She got published in a local magazine! (So proud of her.):

tomato story

And here's what I added in the comments:

The cow manure story was invented and repeated by Mom, because the image of a pasture on a farm was more palatable than where the soil really came from. The straight poop is that our local sewer department offered fully composted solid waste to home gardeners. This humanure had been aged to the point where the health department considered it to be completely safe, although as my sister, said, it was still quite organic. The tomato seeds had passed through public utility customers, and had survived the filtering, and sewage treatment process. These survival-of-the-fittest seeds kept us in an overabundant supply of cherry tomatoes for 7 years.


[User Picture]From: andrewducker
2016-06-07 09:53 pm (UTC)
That is awesome. And hilarious.
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