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Hats. What are they good for? [Jul. 21st, 2015|09:11 pm]

Absolutely everything! I wear hats to keep the sun off of my face. I wear hats so that my hair will stay dry in the rain. Hats can be used to express a mood, or simply to match an outfit. Hats can definitely be a fashion statement. A felt hat is warm on a cold day, and a straw hat shades without insulating on a warm day. But more and more as I read about flying camera drones that snoop on news events, or deliver medical supplies, or photograph weddings, I keep focusing in on the idea that a hat can reduce the severity of head wounds from drones falling out of the sky.

I wonder how soon the phenomenon of unscheduled landings will become a scourge that plagues the land...

From: (Anonymous)
2016-05-02 05:45 am (UTC)
Hats hide your face from the drone cameras. Unless they compile some sort of hat database...
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