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Extended Family [Apr. 14th, 2014|02:50 pm]
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I was able to visit my dad a few weeks ago. I'm in the hat, my dad is seated. We are flanked by the Pr1ssKids, and that guy next to me is my brother.

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Type Exodus - Pre-Passover Post [Apr. 14th, 2014|12:38 pm]
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I don't tolerate slavery

I'm heading for the hills to live my own way

I'm on the Exodus from Egypt

That's why I'm Type-E

(rythym break)

That's why I'm Type-E

With HaShem and six-hundred-thousand best buddies

That's why I'm Type-E

With HaShem and six-hundred-thousand best buddies

---When I need some help, I'm not alone

That's why I'm Type-E
We're going to a place that we call home
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Head Banging [Nov. 25th, 2013|07:40 pm]
I'm back in the pool. It's been going pretty well for the past few months. Just over a year ago, I messed up my knee running after a frisbee, so swimming has been a good thing to rely on when my walking distances are limited. my health club just moved to a new location, more treadmills, a bigger pool. It sounds like a good thing, but more people and wider lanes means always sharing a lane. Serious, skilled swimmers, a group for which I just barely qualify, are great at lane sharing. They are polite, and some of them can even dodge around each other if they want to have more than two to a lane. BUT crazy dilettante people who are just cooling off after a soak in the hot tub are a menace in the water. Tonight I was swimming next to a walker, she was harmless at first, but then she switched to some self-invented propulsion of balancing her belly on a kickboard, while making wide 180 degree arm circles. My calf was painfully clawed. After enduring a sincere apology, I switched lanes. Polite sharing proceeded at first, and then someone appeared in front of me, walking backwards. I was able to soften the collision with a hand on her shoulder, engage in some polite/assertive negotiation and resume swimming. But just a few laps later, I knocked heads with someone who had just jumped in at the wrong end, and only started to swim. She didn't even want to move over!
Icing my head now, and type-complaining to you guys. 1500 meters baby!
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Cilantro Pheonix [Jul. 1st, 2013|08:50 pm]
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I bought a cilantro start, and it withered and fell over in some unseasonably warm weather. But today I see that the roots survived, ant new shoots are emerging. Just like this vegetation, the priss livejournal sprouts anew! I have so much to tell you.
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Huckleberrying [Jul. 22nd, 2012|01:29 pm]
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Huckleberries are a real thing, a completely nonfictional thing, and they are ripe now. When Smiley pointed them out I was very surprised. I mean, they are tiny, and bright red, and they don't look anything like the segmented raspberry and blackberry varieties proliferating in gardens and along roadsides. The small leaves remind me of those on rosebushes. The fruit is just smaller than a blueberry, and it has that same ruffle of a skirt on the flower end. They are juicy and not overly sweet. And the bushes have no thorns.
My daughter has unexpectedly gotten excited about berry picking. She came over and brought some that she'd collected. She got me to go across the street and pick some. After she left, she called to tell me she found a spot where she was able to pick a whole plastic water bottle full of them. -The pint sized water bottle choice is genius, berries fit through the neck easily, and if you drop the bottle they won't all spill out.
Berrying is just like a video game. In between slaying dragons and shooting at spaceships, you pause to pick up brightly colored trophies. These can be traded for ballistic missiles and fancy costumes, or just eaten to raise your health statistics. Each berry that I pick makes an imaginary PING sound as it separates from the bush and lands in the bucket.
This morning, Smiley and went out to get more, before the short season ends. At home, I used them to make a raw cobbler with an almond date crust. Yesterday,Maddy picked a water bottle full, and today, I filled up a hummus container.
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Be your own Super Hero [Feb. 6th, 2012|04:28 pm]
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Zing! [Dec. 15th, 2011|01:55 pm]
Dear Lady Gaga,
Now that you have re-done "Orange Colored Sky" I believe that looking toward an even earlier era would put you in good stead. The next, obvious hit, a song that is screaming to be re-interpreted, is none other than "Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart".
Imagine the costumes!
Your fan,
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Occupy Seattle [Oct. 6th, 2011|05:21 pm]
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Early Wednesday evening I got to see the Occupy Crowd in person. To change buses, I had to walk through Westlake Plaza and there they were, occupying cobblestone after cobblestone. Before I saw them, I saw parking enforcement trucks, and park maintenance trucks, and television news-mobiles with their swirly narwhal antennas parked bumper to bumper along the curb of Pine Street. As I rounded the corner, I could see private security guards lined up with their backs against the retail stores, and a crowd of easily 200 protestors. There were the usual ubiquitous Seattle drum circle sounds, but not any other discernible crowd activity. 4th Avenue isn't very wide, and cars were struggling to get around orange cones and safety fluorescent vested public employees and police on horseback. I could feel the tension in the air as I realized that the trucks, guards, and cops formed containment walls around the triangular space, and that they might press inward.
So I went up to the cavalry commandeering my transit stop, and asked about where to catch the bus. They directed me half a block away, where another safety vest guy flagged down my connecting bus.
According to local news, 25 people were arrested soon after.
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Google+ Review [Sep. 1st, 2011|07:48 am]
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Scrolling isn't easy.
On most web pages, I hit the space bar to scroll down an entire page. On G+ that may or may not work. Usually it doesn't. So I use the touch pad or the mouse to click in the scroll bar area. It beats scrolling down one line at a time.

Open in new tab? Think again.
G+ does not want me to open links in other tabs to read later. It over-rides my browser settings and switches my view to the new tab. I get this, I really do. If I read the link now, I can comment to the person who linked. I haven't scrolled down (see above,) so after I read the article, or interpret the lol cat semaphore message, I'm still right on their post. Will this work, or will we all just stop clicking on links?

Sorting your contact list into categories is a powerful data-gathering technique. Not powerful for the users, powerful for Google. For the users, it could work as a method of disseminating information to an audience with specific interests. You can post about books, to your "book" circle, but unless something needs to be censored from an audience segment whom you know will not enjoy it, most posts tend to be marked as "public", or "all of my circles". Someone whom I didn't know was a book fan, might also enjoy the post, so shielding the post from them, doesn't make sense.

The real power of circles is how we categorize our contact lists. We take the information that we know about our contacts, and give it to Google for free. While I might be circumspect about how much personal information I share online, my contacts are free to sort me into circles of their choosing. Anything that they know, (or imagine,) about me could be used. Given the sense of humor that my friends have, I'm probably in a database somewhere, filed along with 8-foot tall Rosicrucians who have always been Communists. True or false, it is going into my file, and I will never even know what it says. No wonder my email box is full of with advertisements for co-joined twin tailored clothing.

Name Nym Nom
Real names are encouraged. Real names are required. Names that don't look real enough, sometimes result in expulsion. So a disproportionate amount of posting space has been devoted to protests when someone's real, but unusual, name has gotten them booted from Google-ville. Some people want to use their long-term pseudonyms, but unless you are willing to list your legal name as well, the G-peeps say that you are failing to
comply. By this standard, Lady Gaga, Dear Abby, Ann Landers, and Marilyn Monroe would have all been exiled.

One of my contacts posted extensively about the name
policy. He wanted to use his DJ-fabulous nickname, and he wanted Google to like it. His friends replied with their support. One said that he didn't even know any other name for the guy. To me, this just indicates that they don't know each other very well. By the way, DJ-fab is gone now. Nails that stand up, get ban-hammered down.

In all of this painfully drawn out reasoning and pleading by early-adopters to please, please let them use their true spiritual geek-names, I haven't seen one acknowledge that aside from data-mining, the Goog is trying to pre-empt potential armies of sock puppets. If someone advertises a dust-jacket-of-the-future to their "book" circle, and hundreds of grateful, loyal, fictional fictional fans post that they love it, this skews marketing statistics for the company. For me, as a reader, it just makes me less likely to ever expand a comment thread. Real commenters are long-winded enough. So have a pseudonym, have two. Just don't have dozens of them.

So let's be very clear: Google wants to know you very well. Not just what you share, but what you think. What recipe you looked up, which word you looked up the spelling for, AND NOW what your friends think about you.

In case you are wondering what I think about you, I will be open. I believe in glasnost, my dear Comrade. You have just been added to my circle of one-armed paper hangers who practice bee-keeping in their spare time. Your targeted sidebar ads should be along any minute.
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(no subject) [Jul. 18th, 2011|04:13 pm]
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Here I am with my awesome guy.

From left to right: Some teenager who is not related to me, Maddy, Zbig
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